Resonance Program


A membership program that will transform you into one of the most resonant,

trustworthy and influential professionals in your field.

Combine being who you were always meant to be with a winning formula for achieving success, business growth and profit. This is more than social media, innovation and making lots of money – this is about your life.






Esoteric +






Within 12 months, you will be able to decide exactly how fast you want to grow your business and decide how many new people you want seeking you out, committed to doing business.


Invest In Yourself & Be Rewarded

It’s time to turn your authentic self into a process driven opportunity machine! This is not about ‘brand’ from a traditional sense – it’s not like Nike and Just Do It.

Create influence through digital and social media so that your ideal customers and clients are seeking you out.

You’ll achieve this with the understanding that:

  • The key to all successful businesses is they understand what their brand truly is.
  • Your ability to grow yourself, your career or business is determined by who you are and how you interact with others.
  • Ultimately, we are all in the business of communicating with others.
  • Building a resonant brand is also about building a resonant life.

When we unlock this clarity we unlock ourselves in a fundamentally transformative way, we also unlock our ability to reach others.

Everything you do has energy attached that impacts others. Let go of past frustration and fear so you’ll have the energy and motivation to achieve the things you want to in life and business. Understanding your own resonance is critical to the value that you give to others, and to yourself.

Your ability to serve others will become exponentially greater and social and digital media will become your tools of amplification.

The Business ROI

When you are considering making an investment, it’s normal to want to know the return on investment (ROI). So let’s get the uninteresting question out of the way…

Will this program be a good financial investment?”

The simple answer is this – as long as you put in the effort and follow the steps, this program will more than pay for itself financially within the first year, many times over.

By year two, the gains will be ridiculous!

We 100% guarantee that if you feel the Resonance Program has not created a positive return at any stage before graduating, you can tell us and so long as you have attended the workshops & online webinars, we will solve it or give you your money back. Our business is built through word of mouth and reputation.

Your happiness and your results are our business plan.

  • This program will create for you, a process driven opportunity machine.
  • Nothing is left to chance and your results are guaranteed.
  • This program will pay for itself within the first year.
  • Your reputation and digital presence will be in the top few percent for people in your field.
  • This program will lay the foundation for a personal brand that will enhance everything you do and achieve for the rest of your life.
  • If you are a Founder, Entrepreneur or Business Owner then your vision and your ability to use it to draw others to you and align them with your purpose will be exponentially enhanced by your participation.
  • Your personal brand and reputation will also draw others to you, who will choose to work with you, as employees, business partners and through Joint Ventures.

Your ability to draw others to you as team members, as clients / customers or as business partners, depends on your ability to effect three things: Trust + Reach + Influence.

With our proven process for combining your Resonance & Social Media, we will give you direct mastery over all three.

We have turned the art of attraction into a science and social media into the medium for delivering your value to as many of the right clients & customers as you choose to serve.






Shape a world class personal brand that can never be copied because it is uniquely your’s.

Truly focus your intent by knowing exactly…

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

What is my fundamental message to the world?

This stage of your journey will be life changing and ensure your purpose is achieved, whether it is to ‘double your business’ or to change the world!


By the end of this stage you will have:

  • defined your unique purpose in the world and know how to use it to shape your future
  • defined your Personality Brand and used it to create a simple framework for always being ‘on-brand you’
  • distilled your deep and fundamental ‘message to the world’
  • created a Clarity Matrix and personal infographic that will be used as your constant framework for growing your resonance and influence
  • crafted a compelling value proposition

Stage 1 of the Resonance Program incorporates Ignite. This three-month personal success and brand accelerator is all about what it takes to become the ultimate professional and to live the most effective, purposeful and fulfilling life possible. Click here to find out more.






Use your Personal Clarity Matrix to build a digital platform that will inspire trust and action 24 / 7.

More people will speak about you, recommend you and seek you out.

Opportunities will begin to flow to you and you will use your Clarity Matrix to stay focused, on-brand and on-purpose.


By the end of this stage you will have:

  • begun implementing a plan to ‘rank number 1’ for Google when you are searched for
  • a truly impressive LinkedIn profile which represents your personality brand and core message

  • reviewed every aspect of your online presence to ensure synchronicity with the ‘influencer’ you are now becoming
  • begun to use your LinkedIn profile to foster both influence and attraction
  • learnt and practised writing and speaking with resonance and applied this to your rapidly improving online presence
  • begun using your voice to inspire action from authenticity
  • setup your office ‘video studio’ and built a framework for exactly how you will use it
  • filmed your own ‘Why’ video and learnt how to do the same for others
  • defined your core story and begun creating the content and videos for your automated online trust engine






Now it is time to begin growing your resonance.

Systematise and automate the expansion of your influence network, the spread of your message, and the value you provide.

Start to gain total control over how many new clients you serve, how often they come to you and how much you will charge.


By the end of this stage you will have:

  • created a step-by-step plan and framework to drive your connections and opportunities en masse
  • begun the actual expansion of your influence network and have already created new opportunities

  • systemised and mapped the expansion of your reach to ensure it is time efficient
  • created a comprehensive Content Plan for Social Media that is perfectly matched to your personal brand
  • designed and mapped a truly resonant concept for ongoing content
  • ‘clicked go’ on a fully automated social media content plan for the following 3 months and begun replicating the process for the future
  • completed your first blog, video or podcast and ‘revealed’ it to your peers for input and refinement prior to launch
  • all of the pieces of the puzzle clearly defined to ensure you perpetually continue to grow your trust, reach and influence

Who You Are + Social Media + Rapid Implementation + Systematisation = Life & Profit Amplified

We have worked with hundreds of Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners to create radical evolution in their business success. This is just a small selection, from 1st year results through to growing stardom during the 2nd and 3rd years.

Stephen Vick • Managing Director • Nexus Private Wealth Management

Stephen decided to enrol in the Resonance program after attending our National Conference AdviserEdge, and having a pointed conversation with Baz about his brand and marketing. Like many successful businesses we encounter, Stephen had already committed serious resources to producing video, content and the digital marketing of his business. Whilst these efforts were producing some results, we call the methodology employed ‘the hard way of doing things’.

In less than 4 months, Stephen has exponentially improved his results, is creating a plan for a far more saleable business model (that relies on him less) and is looking to enrol more of his team members in the program. One of the best steps Stephen took was to also enrol his Marketing Manager Ryan Wood so he could do the program alongside him. Not only does Ryan now have far more context, but he can directly support Stephen to implement.

Sean Garvan • Managing Director • Garvan Group

Sean first contacted us when he was preparing to make the move from employee to business founder. We suggested Sean come along to our one-day event, LaunchDay, so that he could get a handle on how we teach business owners to make growth easy. Sean decided, that despite a standing start, he would invest heavily in working with us. Sean started out by purchasing a small book of clients, and in combination with his Authentic Brand Matrix, Sean has been systematising his service touch points using technology, multimedia and our proprietary process of ‘contextualisation’.

Within a year he has experienced dramatic growth and is launching new divisions. The purchased clients are happier, referring, paying more and take significantly less time to service. Sean is now preparing to launch his personal brand, to take his business within the first few years where most would be lucky to get to in 15.

Emily Spinks • Finance Educator • EKS Financial Planning

Emily enrolled in Resonance less than 4 months ago after attending our National Conference AdviserEdge at the start of the year. Emily was a little sceptical about the first 3 months of the program and wanted to skip ahead to the more practical application components. It took a little convincing from Baz that Ignite was in fact the part that Emily needed to do the most. The changes we saw in Emily after just 3 months were astonishing and it would not be possible to put into words what those changes will mean to her business performance and the impact she will have as a Founder, Leader and Change Agent in the future.

“Many people think they have defined their own clarity or would prefer to skip to the ‘business end’. The truth is they haven’t, and Ignite is like the key that unlocks the true value and power of everything that we do at The Social Adviser.” – Baz Gardner

Dominique Bergel-Grant • CEO & Founder • Leapfrog Group

Before working with The Social Adviser, Dominique was already building a significant personal brand, however, the brand and business direction were inconsistent with Dominque as a person, in ‘message’, personality and purpose. Baz took the confronting step of pointing this out to Dominque via a LinkedIn message!

Dominique has since radically changed much of her business plans and is building a personal brand that will establish her as an iconic change agent and leader. She has been a star on a Channel 9 television series on investment and is currently using Facebook and video to reach and resonate with her chosen audiences, and of course, to deliver advice in ways and at a scale that have not been seen before.

Brett Lee • Operations Manager • Future Auto Service Centres

Baz met Brett’s colleague Ron, the Founder of Future Auto, a chain of Automotive Service Centres in Queensland, when his car broke down on the way home from the airport after an overseas speaking engagement. The tow truck dropped the car at the workshop at midnight and not only was Ron there by random chance but he also insisted on driving us home! The ensuing conversation was about old school business, using new methods of leverage and the large amount Future Auto was spending every year on radio advertising.

It wasn’t long before Ron and Brett had joined our Resonance Program. Brett is the driver of these new strategies and Ron is the visionary influencer and front man. They are using the principles in the program to recruit new franchisees and to change their message to the public, adapt their business model and shift customer growth from radio to LinkedIn and Facebook for lower cost and greater reach / return.

Dave Rae • Owner / Director • DPR Accountants

Baz met Dave in a LinkedIn chat group, where he admitted that his Business Partners had just given him a 360 degree review that indicated he lacked innovation and needed to increase his contribution to the reputation and growth of the business.

Dave has worked with The Social Adviser over the last 4 years through a variety of programs that have helped him to evolve his brand and business leverage. He has also starred on Channel 9, is regularly sought in the Press and has since founded a new firm which is growing at an unprecedented pace. Dave attributes Ignite (the first 3 months of the Resonance program) with taking his social media results to a new level.

Resonance is far more powerful than marketing and when combined with digital leverage, it is also far more effective, fulfilling and profitable.

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