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A community that will transform you into one of the most resonant, trustworthy and influential professionals in your field.



A community that will transform you into one of the most resonant, trustworthy and influential professionals in your field.

Resonance membership is the pinnacle of our community.

Over the next 5-10 years, we are creating a group of the most Resonant and Authentically Influential and Successful Owners of Service and Advice Firms in the world.

Membership is not for everyone and nor is it open to everyone.

Think of the Resonance Community like a club that has everything you need to help you master the art of business in a connected world.

Membership has aspects of all of the following whilst also being so much more...

  • An advanced ongoing business and personal accelerator
  • Workshops and modules (more than 40 to choose from)
  • Custom created development plans
  • Coaching
  • Business Owner Forum
  • Strategic input
  • Training and support for key team members
  • Mentoring
  • Peer groups
  • Working groups
  • Online resources
  • Meetups
  • Influencer Net – Boost Your Reach
  • Connection to Baz (the reason member numbers are limited)

Membership is by application only and is accepted based on fit, benefit to member and benefit to the community. Members pay a contribution each month which goes directly to creating the infrastructure on which it is based.

All of the resources available to members are funded by or created by members. We take no external sponsorship or advertisement. All of the content and programs are independent of non-community influence and based solely on real-world application.

The Founders Vision: An Overview

Resonance is based on people and principles and has been developed with a deep understanding of the challenges that we all face in evolving ourselves and our businesses in an increasingly digital and connected world.

Resonance membership is not for everyone, ultimately the decision to be a part of this community is going to require a leap of faith, as much from us as from you.

Our members are exploring new ways of doing business, new ways of articulating value, reaching people and delivering life-changing service experiences.

Technology is an amplifier but freedom starts in your mind and in your heart.

Business in a connected world is hard alone, but easy together.

The simple truth is that the world is changing. Mastering business in a digital and connected world is not something you can do overnight and it is certainly not something you can hire a consultant, an agency or even a team member to take care of.

There are so many avenues for leverage, scale and ultimately delivering greater value and impact, that exploring, iterating and executing them on your own is almost impossible!

From this knowledge, we created Resonance for ourselves as much as for our members. We learn, grow, share and experiment as a collective.

Mastering the art of business is a journey, not a destination.

It’s a HUGE mistake to think that taking your business “digital” is a matter of ticking some things off a list.

Everything evolves, everything changes, and in a digital and connected world, this truth is now being experienced in mere months rather than decades. There are so many aspects, nuances, and opportunities, and each step you take will bring rewards… but the task will never be complete.

Joining Resonance is about accepting that you are embarking on a journey without an end destination.

This is about having the right people, resources, and opportunities around you so that your evolution is constant, rewarding, enjoyable and as effective as possible.

You can’t outsource what you don’t understand.

There is a world full of Experts, Agencies, Consultants, Specialists, Apps, Programs etc all waiting to sell you the magic solution or service.

They will take care of your SEO, manage your digital marketing, film your video, create your Facebook ads, run your LinkedIn accounts, offshore your business, automate your social media, create your content, build you a lead funnel etc etc etc.

No matter how good the material or service, they are universally a waste of time and money if you do not have the context required to understand them or use them.

Worse still is that most of the magic solutions out there sound logical, are well packaged, are expensive, yet will never do anything to produce you a sound business or personal return on investment.

Whether you are considering using or already utilising good or bad services or knowledge is almost irrelevant if you do not fundamentally understand what you are seeking to do and how it should be done – Resonance is about empowering you to understand how to navigate in a digital world, how to do the right things for the right reasons and only then can you have the right people to do what you actually need.

Digital IS your Business, not an 'add on'. It’s in everything you do.

Perhaps you run an IT firm, are a Financial Adviser, Accountant, Lawyer, Coach, Consultant, Mechanic or Candlestick Maker.

Those are all labels that will distract you from what being in business actually means. Being in business means providing as much value to people as possible (including yourself and your family) in the most meaningful, efficient and impactful way you can.

Like it or not, digital touches every single element of what you do. Your integration of innovation and technology is the difference between a fulfilling life of abundance through business and obsolescence.

No matter how old you are or how natively you use technology, you cannot afford to make the mistake of treating digital as simply an ‘add-on’.

If you run a Business now or ever plan to then empowering yourself to make decisions in a digital world is perhaps the greatest step forward you can make.

Resonance membership is for those people who run businesses or who plan to. If you have a business and plan to send someone in your stead, then expect to soon be working for them.

You can’t evolve your business without evolving yourself.

If giving people the right steps and process to follow was the solution for helping business adapt to do business in a connected world, then the Resonance community would not exist.

The truth is that it is our own fears, internal conflicts, misconceptions, hang-ups and behaviour patterns as business owners that always represent the biggest obstacle to ourselves, our businesses and our clients.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

Resonance exists because self awareness can be more challenging than ignorance and because seeking it is better shared with like-minded people than alone.

For those who are willing to admit personal challenges, share lessons and give direct but constructive input as well as to receive it, there is no faster way to grow yourself than to be surrounded by people on the same path.

Resonance also exists because it is hard to find those people and to create the opportunity to be constantly catalysed by them. That is why we made it our mission to find them and bring them together because we find them as valuable to our own growth as we are to theirs.

Gurus don’t have your answers – we help you find your own.

Nobody has your answers other than you.

Resonance is not about giving you a fixed way to do something. Programs that offer fixed solutions can only offer fixed limitations. Resonance is about growing your awareness, exposing you to new ways of looking at and doing everything and to giving you a process to follow to find and reach your own answers.

No two community members are executing the same methodologies the same way and that is how it should be.

No two community members have the same objectives, circumstance, and priorities and it is, in fact, that richness in diversity that provides the most fertile grounds for you to reach and iterate upon your own answers.

We are nobody’s Gurus! At The Social Adviser, we are just experienced and obsessive mistake makers who are willing to share what we have learned and what we will continue to learn. When you rely on a Guru you are disempowering yourself.

We are your community facilitators and also members. Our rate of learning has not slowed down, it only continues to increase.

Resonance membership is for those people who take responsibility for themselves, who appreciate honesty, shared wisdom and who recognise that the effort they put in determines the results that they produce.

Consistent progress requires regular head-space plus exposure.

Business is distracting, there are always challenges, obstacles and stuff you are running late on.

It is almost impossible to make clear decisions, solve problems, innovate, iterate and decide on new pathways when you are immersed in the detail of the business.

As much as we love digital communication, we also know that the only way to truly create headspace is to remove yourself from the office and to immerse yourself through physical experience.

Of all the many businesses we have worked with it is always those who have remained active members of our community with ongoing immersion that have continued to progress and to speed up their rate of evolution.

Membership in Resonance is for those people who know that working on your self and your business is not something you should just do at a retreat or “off-site” once a year.

Members attend physical workshops, masterminds, case studies, meetups etc on average once a month over the course of a year, and minimum physical attendance, as well as other contribution standards, apply for all members.

If you are reading this and thinking “there is no possible way I could spare 12 days in the next year” then you have a context problem. For some business owners, “the urgent” becomes addictive, an addiction that they may be unwilling to break. Resonance is all about helping you to see things more clearly, make better decisions about how you run your business and your time.

Every day you invest will return you a multitude of days otherwise wasted in your future.

If you want to get fit, you exercise regularly and consistently. Resonance is an exercise program for your business fitness in a connected world.

Compounding returns require an investment of energy and time.

Business is a marathon, not a sprint race and what you achieve over 5-10 years of membership will be exponentially greater than your significant early opportunities and rewards.

Resonance has consistently produced outstanding results for members in the first 1-2 years. However, this is not the community for those seeking a ‘quick fix’ to their challenges.

In other words, this is for people who understand delayed gratification, not for those seeking shiny new toys.

Don’t get us wrong we LOVE shiny new toys, but we also know they are fun distractions and not how you achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes in business or life.

How does Resonance Membership work?

  • You apply for membership.
  • If accepted you pay a monthly membership fee.
  • For each year of consecutive membership, your financial contribution will reduce until year 4 when your membership is ‘at cost’.
  • By year four you are considered to be an ‘owner of the community’ and will be experiencing the power of compound returns.
  • Financial contribution reduces each year because your value to the other member’s increases.
  • Should you leave and later be re-accepted as a member the fee schedule will reset. This is because your active and ongoing participation is what creates value for the other members.
  • This community is so valuable that it is intended that your membership is treasured i.e. you join to remain a member.
  • Membership is based around a principal member (usually the business owner).
  • Business membership is available to support the training and empowerment of a principal member’s team.
  • Physical support and events are currently held in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne only (although we have members from overseas and interstate).
  • No physical events are scheduled for the month of January.
  • Members operate on a custom development plan that is unique to each member and operates on a 12-month cycle.
  • Members are expected to attend a minimum number of physical days (12 days in year 1) and 10 days thereafter.

Membership Benefits

Modular based empowerment and execution programs

We currently have 34 modules (and counting) which are run in monthly rotation across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Each module has online support resources, process guides, online meetups and end-to-end solutions to empower members in their understanding and execution.

Each module will compound in benefit with each other module completed i.e. everything is designed to fit with and amplify everything else.

It is intended that members repeat key modules every 2-3 years allowing you to keep pace with change and also drives deeper iteration and mastery.

At the start of your membership, our team will help you map out a custom module and execution program for the following 12 months.

Mastermind & Execution Days

The community holds Mastermind and Execution days each month in rotation across the Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Mastermind days are designed to help members move past their challenges and to receive and offer strategic input to and from each other. These days are very popular and regarded as highlights by most members.

Execution days are designed so that members can gain access to a cross-section of experts in order to get the help they need to get it done.

Conferences, Community Events & Meetups

There is also a range of other physical events and activities such as…

  • Each month in alternating cities we have Meetups for our broader Social Adviser Community. As the leaders of this community, Resonance Members are encouraged to participate, present and share their experiences as the leaders of business that they are.
  • The Resonance Community will host an Annual member-only conference designed to bring everyone together and to update members on the latest developments for businesses that operate at the forefront of service delivery in a connected world.
  • This is an active and dynamic community and members are encouraged to create and run their own Social Events and Working Groups within the network.

Peer Groups

At the core of the Resonance Community is a web of interconnecting formal and informal peer groups. Ranging from groups created around the completion of modules to members being introduced to the people with the most experience around their current projects.

We have found this greatly speeds up the rate at which members can iterate their way through different stages of business evolution.

There is an invigorating magic that exists when you are surrounded by people just like you who are all pushing ahead and sharing their journey. Everyone gets more done, everyone has more focus, everyone feels alive and excited.

Online Community

Membership also provides access to our Resonance Community Facebook group. This group is very active and at almost all hours of the day or night should you be seeking input, advice or have questions you will have someone there to help you.

Our team of specialists is always there to make sure you get the answers and support you need, whenever you need it.

Influencer Pods and Groups

When it comes to creating attention in a digital world one of the most valuable components of leverage and often the hardest to gain is momentum.

When you are ready to amplify your message and reach, the community will be there to catapult your reach exponentially.

We have created an almost magical mechanism for magnifying each other’s impact. Over the coming years, this will be one of the greatest assets to our members. Every time a member grows their reach and influence it amplifies the reach and influence of our other members.

We understand both human nature and the algorithms at work on the various Social platforms.

Most importantly, members all share a level of alignment that means your interaction and support will always remain congruent and natural.

The Business ROI

When you are considering making an investment, it’s normal to want to know the return on investment (ROI). So let’s get the uninteresting question out of the way…

“Will my membership be a good financial investment if I am accepted as a member?”

The simple answer is this – as long as you hold up your end and trust in the process your membership will pay for itself many times over in the first year.

By year two, the gains will be ridiculous!

But it is really what members will do over a 5-10 year period that is going to change everything.

You will become a master of business in a connected world, one of the few. Right when technology is going to pivot everything.

This is your chance to invent the future of business rather than be subject to it.

We 100% guarantee that if you feel your Resonance Membership has not created a positive return at the end of your first year, you can tell us and so long as you have reached your minimum attendance, we will solve it or give you your money back. Our community is built through word of mouth and reputation.

Your happiness and your results are our business plan…

  • You will free your roadblocks and create new ways of thinking.
  • You will gain direct control of your client growth and the rate at which it happens.
  • You will become more efficient and effective in every aspect of your engagement and service delivery.
  • You will gain clarity over who you are and your purpose in life and the ability to make business decisions specifically to support this.
  • You will have peer and mentor-driven support and input from people that care about you.
  • Nothing is left to chance and your results are guaranteed.
  • This program will lay the foundation for a personal brand that will enhance everything you do and achieve for the rest of your life.
  • If you are a Founder, Entrepreneur or Business Owner then your vision and your ability to use it to draw others to you and align them with your purpose will be exponentially enhanced by your participation.
  • Your personal brand and reputation will also draw others to you, who will choose to work with you, as employees, business partners and through joint ventures.
  • Most importantly you will gain a community of people with which to surround yourself with, who will both inspire and challenge you.
  • If any of the above doesn’t hold true for you, you can leave at any time after the first six months or call in our guarantee. Essentially we have removed the risk to you of our community not delivering.

Prices are per month plus GST


Social Hub FREE


  • Membership to the Social Hub Facebook Group
  • Limited access to the Social Hub Online Learning platform
  • Access to Online Training
  • Discounted Guest Invites to public events


Social Hub MEMBER


  • Everything included in LEVEL ONE
  • Access to the complete event video series – AdviserEdge 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Access to the training video series – The 8 Big Things (you need to build your digital infrastructure)
  • Full access to the Social Hub Online Learning platform
  • Attend all Social Hub Meetups in capital cities each quarter
  • Free Guest Invites to public events, eg. LaunchDay
  • Free attendance to 1 x Resonance Module or Workshop of your choosing
  • Free access to our Annual Online Conference




  • Everything included in LEVEL TWO
  • Access for up to 4 people: 1 x primary Social Hub membership (for you) PLUS 3 x additional Social Hub memberships (for your team)


Resonance GOLD


plus $44 Social Hub MEMBER

or $98 Social Hub BUSINESS

  • Everything included in LEVEL THREE
  • Become an official member of the Resonance Community
  • Resonance exclusive discussion group
  • Access to all Workshops and Modules (up to 49 days per year)
  • Access to The Social Adviser’s resources and unique intellectual property
  • Resonance GOLD online training and courses
  • Yearly business strategy and planning session

Year Two

$750 plus $44 or $98

Year Three

$650 plus $44 or $98

Year Four

$550 plus $44 or $98


Resonance PLATINUM


plus $44 Social Hub MEMBER

or $98 Social Hub BUSINESS

  • Everything included in LEVEL FOUR
  • Plus a second Resonance membership for your support person
  • Quarterly access to The Social Adviser’s team of specialists
  • Resonance PLATINUM online training and courses

Year Two

$1250 plus $44 or $98

Year Three

$1150 plus $44 or $98

Year Four

$1050 plus $44 or $98




plus $98 Social Hub BUSINESS


  • Everything included in LEVEL FIVE
  • Access for up to 4 people: 1 x primary Resonance and Social Hub membership (for you) PLUS 3 x additional Resonance and Social Hub memberships (for your team)

Year Two

$1750 plus $98

Year Three

$1650 plus $98

Year Four

$1550 plus $98

Want more info? Make a time to catch up...