Author: Baz Gardner

Top 3 Reasons Why Clients Refer

In my career, I have had the pleasure of carrying out more than 15,000 diarised client meetings. I say diarised because there are many, many more phone calls and ad hoc conversations. I have also been able to see and measure the data from a broad range of Service Businesses, interview many of their clients [...]
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How you lost my trust

I have been espousing the message of change, especially when it comes to the adoption and integration of Social and Digital Media for Professionals and Business, for a long time, but I have a different story to tell you now. I’m done trying to convince you; I’m going to follow my own advice and focus [...]
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My 10 best observations – Charging Clients

In the professional world, one of the single biggest determinants of success I have found, is the ability to charge appropriately for the value you provide. Having worked with hundreds of businesses in the Professional Services space I have heard just about every rationalisation for what level of fees/cost is, or is not appropriate, to [...]
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Get 70% off AdviserEdge 2017 – Limited First Movers Tickets

Over two and half days (March 19 - 21, 2017) we will be holding the fifth National Social Business Innovation Summit, AdviserEdge. If you are a Professional or Business Owner and believe that investing in knowledge and staying at the forefront of opportunity is paramount to your success, then this email is for you. If [...]
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Are you addicted to thinking?

Are you addicted to thinking? Don’t get me wrong, thinking has it’s place but when I take a good hard look at myself and the world around me, it seems pretty dang clear that our addiction to thinking may actually be our greatest limitation as a species. My whole life I have been obsessed with […]

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Why you MUST record your meetings

Why do so few client professionals have an efficient process for recording their meetings and managing their file notes? After all, the technology available to streamline the process has been around for over a decade! In this article, I hope to provide you with the context for why you need to record your meetings and a [...]
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“I don’t have time”; the lie we tell ourselves

This post is about freeing yourself from the illusion of ‘lacking time’ by getting clearer, defining a path forward and taking control of the important things in your life. But be prepared; the truth isn’t always easy to swallow. ‘I don’t have time’ – what does this really mean? It’s something that’s said by everyone […]

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Is your online reputation more important than your offline one?

Have you Googled yourself and really thought about what impression the results give? In this Top Tip we focus on the reality of your online reputation and how it’s becoming just as important (if not more important) than your offline one.

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I have added my thoughts to our Top Tips series. I have been busy learning lessons, making mistakes and preparing to evolve The Social Adviser into something, well, better.

We have pushed hard (change is never easy) and to create momentum we have been focusing on the big, the challenging, and the vast opportunity to evolve that Social Business presents. Of course, we also had to create a business that would fund our crazy ideas, as distracting as that can sometimes be.

Now I want to spend a little time getting back to helping you (the professionals) to be better. Over the coming weeks I am writing a series focused on the effect that your online presence has on both your professional reputation and your brand.

This series is not about Social Media as such, it is about how ‘business as usual’ has changed. For those of you sitting on the fence, or dipping your proverbial toes into the water, it will move you with undeniable facts and real world examples as to why you must own and actively control your online reputation.

For those of you who are already converts, these posts will be just what you were looking for to send to your employees, boss or your business partner down the hall.

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Let my mistake be your gain

I have an admission to make; you see it seems that I have screwed up. The greatest irony is that the trap I have fallen into is the same one I put so much effort into teaching others to avoid.

One of the things I have learned is that universally, as service professionals and businesses, we consistently seem to undervalue the component parts of what we do.

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How to blog when you don’t know what to write

One of the questions that I am most asked by professionals who are curious about ‘going social’ is, ‘How do I keep coming up with interesting things to write about?’.

But it’s not just those who are starting their Social journey who get stuck here. Some of our most successful students and clients are often at a loss when it comes time to put the fingers to the keyboard.

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