This will be the last AdviserEdge

AdviserEdge 2017 is coming up fast and you are nearing your last chance to get tickets for the last AdviserEdge EVER (My announcement below). If you have not been before but have been putting it off until next year, that won’t be possible.If you have been before, then you know what you will be missing and there is no way that we won’t be going out with a bang.

Look, I know it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a heartfelt message and just ‘marketing hype’ but this isn’t some ploy to convince you to buy a ticket to just another event.

If you have just been too busy to register your tickets, can I politely suggest that you get to it!


Last week I wrote a post, that 2017 is the year that Advice must change and this week a friend of mine who has been to all the AdviserEdge’s called me on it. He said that he felt the post was threatening and asked if I was attempting to scare people into coming.

It was a good question and I love deep relationships where honesty goes before ego. So I asked myself the question, did I mean what I said and why did I say it?

Here is the gist of what my honest reflection gave me;

  • 2017 is the year, the pivot point. I’m doubling down on that.
  • My message was not to coerce people but to honor my intention to move the Advice & Service Professions forward and I felt an obligation to speak my truth.
  • If 2017 is the last year for Advisers to stay ahead of the curve, then it should be the last year for the event that I created to prepare them for the changes to come.
  • 2018 will be about developing what is emerging in Advice, not trying to move what was before.
  • This will be the best AdviserEdge yet, the finale and a celebration.

So yes I meant what I said and I can also say with honesty that you really should be coming, because I have a lot to show you about the emerging evolution of what Advice and service will become.

AdviserEdge 2017 is at the forefront of pushing the current boundaries of Authentic human connection in business and how it can be scaled through technology. How you serve, how you relate, your business models and how you are paid. It’s all going to change and the good news is that if you are willing to adapt it’s easier and far more profitable.

The speakers are great, the sessions are imperative and so that you can be a part of what it is that we at The Social Adviser move onto next. Or not, the choice is up to you 🙂

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